Batting – Baseball, Cricket, Rounders and Softball

Batting in Baseball, Cricket, Rounders, Softball requires good spine and shoulder flexibility as well as strength, and skill, and especially good eye, muscle, bat, ball coordination.

Batting primarily involves a combination of head extension, cervical flexion, extension, sidebending and rotation, thoracic and lumbar flexion, extension, sidebending and rotation, scapula retraction and protraction, shoulder flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation, elbow flexion, supination and pronation, wrist flexion and extension, finger flexion, hip extension and abduction, knee extension and ankle plantar flexion,. Some of these movements are for the left side of the body, some are for the right side and some are for both sides.

In addition to stretching the prime movers you will need to stretch their antagonists and the joint stabiliser and neutraliser muscles.