Bowling Overarm – Cricket

Overarm bowling commonly used in cricket is the action of propelling a ball toward a wicket defended by a batsman. Overarm bowling is different from throwing in that the bowler’s arm must not extend during the bowling action, only the rotation of the shoulder can be used to impart velocity to the ball. Most bowlers hold their elbows fully extended as they bowl. They rotate their arm through an arc and release the ball as it nears the top of the arc above the shoulder joint.

Pace bowlers or fast bowlers emphasise increasing the speed of the ball with a faster run up or a sling action delivery, whereas spin bowlers impart rotation to the ball with the subtle contraction of wrist or finger muscles.

Bowling requires skill and good all round flexibility. It involves a complex system of changing movements. Scapula retraction becomes protraction, shoulder abduction becomes ….