Sports & Activities

  • Solo Freeform Dancing - Pop, Disco, Techno dancing

    Dancing such as Solo Freeform Dancing and dancing to Pop, Disco, Techno music requires good spine and limb flexibility. The demand of the dance on the body is determined by the type of dance, the intensity of the dance and the available dance floor space..

  • Stretches for heavy manual labour

    These stretches are for heavy work such as digging, lifting, wheel barrowing and general labouring. They can be done before and after heavy work. Heavy manual labour is most demanding on the muscles of the middle and lower back, shoulders and hips, and..

  • Stretches for riding a motorcycle

    Riding a motorcycle involves sitting with the hips abducted, thighs and knees apart and with both feet on foot rests, using the arms to steer, fingers of the left hand to operate the clutch, fingers of the right hand to operate the front brake, left foot..

  • Stretches for sedentary work sitting at a desk in a chair

    These stretches are for sedentary activities involving prolonged periods of sitting in an office chair using a computer at home or in an office environment.

    Sitting at a desk and typing on a keyboard mainly involves the contraction of the muscles..

  • Tennis

    Tennis is a racquet sport between two or four people. The racquet is strung with cord to hit a ball over a net and into the opponent’s court and land in such a way that the opponent is unable to play a good return ball. Tennis balls are made of hollow..

  • Throwing a ball

    Throwing is used in many sports to propel an object over distance. The object is usually a ball but may be a knife, axe, or javelin. The type of object, its shape and size will influence how the object is thrown. These are the stretches for throwing a..

  • Volleyball and beach volleyball

    Volleyball is a team sport involving two teams of six players separated by a net. It is played inside or outside on a rectangular court that is wood, grass or on sand as beach volleyball. Each team attempts to score points by grounding a ball on the other..

  • Walking, running and sprinting

    Walking, running and sprinting are the actions of moving the body forward. Similar muscles are used in all these actions. But the mechanics and the level of muscle contraction and aerobic respiration are different. Muscles are mainly used for support..