Fencing is a sport where two combatants fight with swords in an attempt to land a touch or make blade contact with a valid target area on the opponent’s body. There are two types of fencing classical fencing, which is a type of martial art and competitive fencing, also known as Olympic fencing. Both types have three weapon categories: foil, sabre and épée.

A foil is a light thrusting weapon with a small circular hand guard that protects the hand. A épée is also a thrusting weapon but much heavier than the foil. With foil and épée points are scored only when the tip hits the target. Hits with the side of the blade do not count. A sabre is a light cutting and thrusting weapon that targets the entire body above the waist (and not the hands) and points can be gained by hitting the target with the tip or with the side of the blade.

Techniques used in fencing are offensive, defensive or combinations of both. Offensive techniques have the goal of landing a hit on the opponent while defensive protect against a hit or gain priority or right of way. Offensive techniques include the attack or thrust, feint, lunge, disengage, remise and flick. Defensive techniques include the parry, riposte and point in line.

The stretches selected are for offensive lunging and thrusting. In this regard fencing mainly involves head extension, cervical extension and ….