Stretches for riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle involves sitting with the hips abducted, thighs and knees apart and with both feet on foot rests, using the arms to steer, fingers of the left hand to operate the clutch, fingers of the right hand to operate the front brake, left foot to change gear, right foot to operate the rear brake and right hand to turn the throttle on the right handlebar.

Motorcycles come in many forms – sports, off-road, scooters, cruisers are a few examples. But the stretches listed here are for the standard general purpose street motorcycle. These motorcycles mainly involves the contraction of the muscles responsible for head, cervical, upper thoracic and lumbar extension, scapula retraction, shoulder flexion and extension, elbow flexion and extension, wrist flexion and extension, finger flexion and extension, hip adduction and ankle plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

The major muscles used when riding a motorcycle are the posterior cervical muscles, shoulder retractor muscles (rhomboids and middle trapezius) erector spinae, abdominals, anterior and ….